Rocky Mountaineer – What’s New

Rocky Mountaineer is now offering the following new features:

1.The Rocky Mountaineer no longer offers train service between Vancouver and Whistler. Passengers wishing to travel to Whistler can tour to Whistler by tour bus or fly to Whistler by float plane, taking off from Vancouver harbour and landing in Green Lake, just outside Whistler. Call for more details.

  1. Rocky Mountaineer is offering 18 departure dates between Seattle and the Canadian Rockies and from the Canadian Rockies to Seattle.

Called the Coastal Passage, this new route is designed for travelers who want to fly into and/or out of Seattle and catch the Rocky Mountaineer in Seattle or start a train trip in the Rockies: Calgary, Banff or Jasper and end in Seattle.

This is the perfect trip for Alaska Cruise travelers whose cruise originates or ends in Seattle. With the all new Coastal Passage Service, you can combine a Rocky Mountaineer train trip with an Alaska Cruise that begins or ends in Seattle.

The following video describes the Coastal Passage Experience:


The Vancouver to Lake Louise Rocky Mountaineer is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in May and September, and Mondays and Fridays in June, July, August and October. Lake Louise to Vancouver is available on the Rocky Mountaineer Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday in May and September and Wednesday and Sunday in June, July, August and October.

From Lake Louise, tours are available to Jasper, Banff, Columbia Icefield and to downtown Calgary or Calgary airport.

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